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<< (…) This is truly amazing stuff, and has been picked up by the big boys (GE, Toyota, BMW etc) and I’m sure will be the next big thing.

Augmented reality works by combining real-world objects with computer generated data. By using your webcam and a printed ‘barcode’ black and white image, you’re able to view a 3d hologram on your mac or pc. You can rotate the paper (or as I’ve discovered, you’re iPhone) to turn the object and view it from all perspectives.

The toyota iq augmented reality is probably the most visually appealing, but there are sure to be some massive leaps in how this can be utilised in the coming year or so.

Take a look at the video below and then have a go yourself… >>

What can really be revolutionary is the combination of this technology with cross media strategies, such as: a print ad with a certain area to cut out; an URL to go to; a webcam-based animation where you show the cut out piece of paper and see wonderful things happen.

Real multimedia!!!