In times when all the hype and media attention is on Facebook and Twitter, YouTube is alive and kicking. One of the hotest trend is represented by make artists and common people, recording their own make up tutorials.
What you need to do your make up tutorial? Just a webcam! Then you show your viewers how you do and tell the way you put your make up on.
Apart from the US and British gurus in this field, two Italian girls are making it big: Clio (ClioMakeUp) and Lara (chienkiri).

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They have thousand of subscribers, they got hundred of views and enthusiastic comments for every video they make. People love them and imitate them.

In the last weeks, Clio and Lara have launched the Make Up TAGS. Lara has asked everyone to record “the six products I cannot live without”; Clio has answered with the “6 products NO”.

Want to see how YouTube responded?

After those successes, Clio and Lara decided to launch a Make Up TAG together. So they both asked to record a “under 5 mins” video to show how you put your make up on. A huge response is – again – guaranteed.

What is still surprising is that fashion, beauty and make up brands seem the ignore this phenomenon.
Those videos can be ideal for product placement. And the girls could easily become brand testimonials. Why no one noticed?
Perhaps, the first one to be “branded” will be another guru, a male one, Alby. Have a look at him: